3 Yard Mini Mixer Lite Weight

3 Yard Mixer Truck ready for delivery to Florida
Used Ford Cabover Truck converted from other type of delivery truck to mixer truck.

Three Yard Lite Weight Mixer


3 Yard Mixer Truck
Mixer and all the steel components built in Olean, New York
Truck, Mixer and Concrete weigh just over 26,000 pounds
Truck is just right for little jobs – get them done faster at less cost

Mixer Drum has 2 spirals inside to move the material into the drum and then discharge concrete.  Concrete Mixer Drum
This mixer is shipping out to a customer to install.  He ordered the unit with Diesel engine
65 Gallon Water to clean the mixer and inside drum.
A hopper extension could be added so this mixer could batch at a regular plant
2 foot extension chutes

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