Used Mixer Trucks for Sale

1995 International McNeilus Mixer Truck. Real Good Condition. $25,500.00

1990 Diamond Reo Smith Mixer Truck. Old but in very good condition. Drum is new. $15,000.00

2001 Freight Liner Smith Mixer Truck. High Miles Drum replaced in the last 2 years. $15,000.00

2006 Peterbilt 3 Yard Mixer Truck. Recently repainted in very good condition. Owner has other trucks this size he wants to sell. Call 386-986-6721. Tell Jose Mixer Mike said to call.

2000 Mack DM690S Smith Mixer Truck. Good condition drum was changed awhile ago. Call for more details. $27,500.00

1990s GMC McNeilus 4 Yard Mixer Truck. Owner needs to sell $14,500.00
Canadian customer in Edmonton looking to sell this 4 Yard Mixer. Call the number on the side of mixer

3 Yard Mixer Truck. Mixer is only 3 years old. $30,000.00 for complete truck. Owner will sell just the mixer $22,000.


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