Mixer Truck Watertanks

Mixer Truck water tanks come in sizes as well as mounting locations on the mixer truck.
200 Gallon side mounted water tank – need extra water to wash down truck with a conveyor.
We manufacture tanks for front discharge mixer trucks. Usually mounted cross frame.
Oshkosh mixer water tank.
Advance water tank.
We manufacture tanks for all the different mixer trucks. McNeilus, Con-Tech, Continental, Kimble, Smith, Rex. Just need the dimensions – length – diameter.
Cross mounted mixer water tanks. We make them in a 150 – 200 and 250 gallon size.
London mixers use a long narrow tank on some trucks. Its important to get the weld-to-weld dimension and tank diameter. Tanks can be 26″, 28″, 30″ and 36″.
Some of the older trucks and trucks in New York City have water tanks that are mounted on a overhead tank pedestal. We manufacture the water tank and the upright support plus the ladder assembly.
We carry replacement water tank cover assemblies for McNeilus, Con-Tech, Continental, Kimble, Advance and Oshkosh.
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