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Concrete Mixer Chutes. Almost every truck manufacturer has a different design set of Disharge Chutes. There are many that have copied the McNeilus style chutes. When ordering it will be helpful if you have the type of mixer you are ordering for. Part numbers also help. What year is the truck? Standard or Paver? Steel or Aluminum. What length is the extension chute. Lots of things to consider when ordering.
Concrete Mixer Supply builds the chutes I sell. We can supply the Loading Hopper, Discharge Hopper, Main and Foldover as well as the extension chutes. Just give the make of mixer and some other details that will help me order your chutes and have them be right the first time.
Extension chutes all vary in dimension. They also vary on how they are stored on the truck. This picture shows the frame mounted “L” Bracket on the side of the truck frame.
We can supply the Charge or Loading Hopper. We also have the weld in steel liner for the hopper. Discharge hopper and the different splash bibs that are available. Main Chute Liners too.
Our small trucks take a 2 foot extension chute.
Bridge Master Trucks sometimes have the hanging extension chutes like this picture.
Kimble Truck has the hanging extensions on the Top Mount Tank Bracket.
Our 4 Yard Mixer have either 3 or 4 foot extension chutes.
Aluminum Chutes are popular with the drivers. They weigh only 33 pounds. The steel extension can weigh as much as 48 pounds.  We also sell these with a PVC plastic liner which makes the chutes last longer.
We sell this device that fits on the end of your chutes called the Handy Chute. It is designed to fit all the mixer trucks. It is made out of UHMW white plastic. It will last a long time. We sell a lot of these Handy Chutes.
Steel McNeilus Extension Chute Part # 0151650 4 foot long
Production chute building. We start with the flat sheet of steel. Burn out the chute body on our Koike Aronson plasma torch. The bodies are formed and then welded. Each is checked for fit. Then they are prime painted white unless other arrangements for the paint are made before they are ordered.
We build the London Machinery Co. chutes. There are different chutes for the Canadian and US customers. The new London chutes also fit the older style McNeilus Mixers. We can also build the Charge Hoppers and Collector chutes. Liners for the hoppers and main chute are available.
Terex Advance Power Fold up Chutes.
Terex Advance and Pheonix Mixer Extension chutes. We stock both steel and aluminum.
Oshkosh Front Discharge Mixer chutes all hydraulic foldup. We sell the steel and aluminum extensions too.
This is our chute funnel.  It is a tough chute and uses the 8″ diameter sock.  You need to order the funnel for a specific mixer.  One does not fit all brands.
Terex Advance Premier Aluminum Extension with PVC liner.
Terex Advance steel extension chute
McNeilus Aluminum #1 Extension Chute. Notice the hooks on one end are extended. Customers try to put as many extensions on a truck as they can get the driver to put on. Sometimes the first extension will buckle.
Oshkosh Manual Foldover Chute.
London Standard Extension Chute. We carry this in both the steel and aluminum style chute.

I can help you order your chutes.  You can text me pictures of them to 716.474.2419 or email to

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