Parts-Mixer Truck Fenders

McNeilus Standard Mixer Fender Assembly. They also have Triaxle and other variations depending how many axles the truck has. There are steel and aluminum fender tops. Marker light kits are also available.
Kimble Mixer Company in Ohio has another style of fender. There are Tandem Axle Fenders as well as Triaxle.
Single axle trucks.
London Machinery Company had their own design before they were bought out by Oshkosh McNeilus Companies.
The old TL Smith Mixer had many different fender designs.
Terex Advance and Pheonix Mixer have their own designed fenders.
Con Tech is relatively new in the mixer industry. They seem to have the same fender as the McNeilus Companies.
Oshkosh Front Discharge Mixer Trucks have many different fender assemblies depending on how many axles the truck has.

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