Parts-Mixer Watertanks

Water Tank Sight Gauge Assembly – there are so many different configurations. Need to know the number of gallons the tank holds, tank diameter and make of the mixer McNeilus, Oshkosh, Beck, Kimble etc.
This is a Cross Mounted Water Tank. Can be any size. Need number of gallons and tank diameter and weld to weld dimensions.  Fill out a water tank order form.
Top Mounted Tanks used by concrete producers in the Northeast United States.
London Machinery from London Ontario Canada made many different sized watertanks.  Their tanks started with 24″ diameter and 30″ diameter.  Sometimes 26″ and 36″.
Oshkosh Front Discharge watertanks. Usually mounted cross frame with foot mounts. Can have single or double tank filler assemblies.
London 200 gallon side mounted tank 30″ diameter
Some mixer manufactures mounted their tanks on the top of the ZF Gearbox and installed a front ladder assembly. Not recommended to be any bigger than 150 gallons.
There are many different kinds of water meters. These seem to be more accurate than the sight gauge assemblies.
Water tanks need to be drained after use especially for those regions that fall and winter it gets very cold.  Notice this aluminum tank exploded because the driver did not empty the tank.
Oshkosh Front Discharge Tank with 2 filler assemblies. Notice the foot mounting on the bottom of the tank.
Terex Advance and Pheonix Mixer have their brand of Front Discharge Mixer tanks. They may have the fillers on both sides of the truck. Terex tanks usually are 28″ in diameter. Foot mounting was changed on the newer trucks. It is important to note all fittings, brackets, weld to weld dimensions, everything that makes your tank unique. That’s why we have you fill out a watertank order form.
Many Rear Discharge Mixer Trucks have this watertank arrangement. Side mounted tank with 2 or 3 brackets with straps. Side mounted tanks on McNeilus mixers are usually 26″ diameter. It is still important to fill out a water tank order form if ordering a water tank.

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